Cop 357 Pistol

Name: COP 357
Uses: 357 Magnum (9mm) bullets
Accuracy: 0
Damage: 2d+2
Shot's Held: 4
Weight: 0.8kg
Armor: 1d+2
Hits: 2
Cost: 250 Cr (new), 350-500Cr (collector's market)

The COP (Compact Off-Duty Police) 357 pistol is a 4 shot , that
resembles a slightly over sized derringer. The COP 357 was marketed as
a backup weapon or light carry for off duty police officers. The
weapon's weight, bulk and heavy trigger pull worked against it, and it
is no longer in production.

Atomic era weapon: +30
1.6 millihex (0.8kg): -29
Takes several actions to reload: +2
Bulky Ammo x2: +2
Handheld: +3

Total Modifiers: +8 (2d+2)

1.6 millihexes: -17
Atomic Era: +6
Weapon: +2
Handheld, 1-hand: +4
Slightly Limited Production: +2
Decreased Capability (-1 Accuracy): -1

Total Modifiers: -4 =250 Cr

But since the weapon is no longer being produced it has become a bit
more popular with collectors and sell for about 1 or 2 price levels
above that.

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