MRGAWS Weapon System

The first evaluator of most new technologies is the military, and it was no different when stable, practical room temperature superconductors were finally perfected. One of the first new applications was in weapon systems, upgrading the long existent artillery and naval cannons that had relied on cold superconductors

A relatively new company, Buaku Industries, bolted the gate by releasing the first practical military gauss personal weapon and, in a bold maneuver, sought to make it accessible to the civilian market as well.

The Multi Roll Gauss Automatic Weapon System, commonly called "Mr. Gauss", was an outstanding example of a new technology reviving an old idea: Several times gunsmiths had tried to design a multi-purpose weapon system that could be a jack of all trades. The Stoner weapon system was perhaps the best try at this but failed due to the fact that the weapons either had to fire the same cartridge, limiting the power, or had to switch too many parts.

Gauss weapons changed this. With a gauss weapon, adding a longer, easily attached barrel actually made a weapon more powerful has the higher number of superconducting magnetic coils in the longer barrel made the weapon more powerful by giving the rounds more acceleration, while demanding more power.

Hence the basic MRGAWS was designed as a submachine gun, billed as a perfect weapon for security, police, special forces and the military due to it's high accuracy, virtually non existent recoil, lack of visible muzzle flash and low noise. (The weapon's recoil was negligible, the only noise was the brittle cracking sound of the rounds going transonic.)

The addition of a simply attached longer barrel turned this respectable submachine gun into a serviceable assault rifle at the expense of some weight and a heavier clip. (Both clips held 60 3x15mm darts, but the AR version required a larger battery to drive the extra coils. As a note, the clips were interchangeable, but if a MRGAWS SMG was loaded with an AR clip it would fire as a SMG and an AR loaded with a SMG clip would also fire as a SMG.)

As a final modification, Buaku Industries offered a very long barreled version that was marketed to the military as a sniper rifle and to civilians as a hunting rifle. This weapon fired 3 rounds as a single shot, held 30 rounds, enough for 10 shots and was excessively powerful for a hunting arm, "unless one was trying to take down dinosaurs" as one critic put it. The sniper clip would function with either other version, the mode depending on the barrel type.

The weapon was highly successful, the SMG version became a major seller, and several militaries were interested in the whole system due to it's logistical simplicity.


Middle post atomic era.
Weight 2.7 (.2) Ammo:60
Range damage 5d+1

Middle PA are +36
5 millihex weapon -23
Reliable autoburst -2
Detrimental operational effect +1
Compact ammo x4 -4
Handheld +3
Reduced range x2 +2
No recoil -2
Gizmos x2 -2
Penetration power -1
Accuracy +2 0

Damage Range
3d+1 175
2d+1 250
1d+1 350
0d+1 500

Gizmos consisted of a laser targeter, a telescopic sight, tactical light, rangefinder and heads up interface.
(Some poorer countries bought stripped down versions lacking some gizmos)

The operational flaws were minor but multiple: The weapon produced no visible flash and less noise than a normal one, but was easily detectable by passive EM sensors while in use. They generated a lot of EM that could on occasion interfere with unshielded electronics and there were reports that users were sometimes struck by lightning while using on in inclement weather. Also comm systems had to avoid using frequencies the weapons EMS could interfere with.

While expensive, Buaku industries released them at a fairly low price to establish a customer base, and the gamble paid off. The initial versions were sold for 23Kcr. The company cleaned up on volume of sales.


This version is identical except for as noted since it is a SMG version with a longer barrel screwed on.

Weight: 4.6 (.6) Ammo: 60 Range damage 6d
8 millihex
Compact ammo x2 (Larger battery accounts for the extra mass)
Easy/average technology (Once the gun was made with average technology, making and adding a longer barrel was easy.)

Damage Range
5d 350
4d 500
3d 700
2d 1000
14 1400

MRGAWS 3 (sniper version)

Similar to the AR version except as noted.

Weight 6.3 (.3) Ammo 10 Damage range = 6d+2

12 millihex
Standard rate of fire. (It was impossible to accelerate 3 rounds at once in burst mode.)
Standard ammo (The clip holds a total of 30 rounds for 10 sniper shots, along with a large battery)

Damage Range
7d 700
6d 1000
5d 1400
4d 2000
3d 2800
2d 4000
1d 5600

By firing 3 rounds at extreme velocity virtually nose to tail the weapon had excellent damage, and enemy officers sporting a single entry wound and 3 exit wounds became a common sight in some areas.

(One of the weapon's millihexes consists of a scope enhancement that screws onto the standard scope for longer range targeting.)

Buaku Industries contemplated a LMG version but never developed it, instead creating a separate model that started as a LMG/SAW and could be refitted easily to HMG mode.

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