Steampunk Power Armor

A quick and dirty set of "power armor" (one-man walker) for an Industrial Era steampunk campaign:

Item Size Mass Strength modifier Armor modifier
Body .4 hexagon 40kg +4
Occupant .1 hexagon 100kg
Ind. Era power plant +24
Size .25 hexagon 125kg -6
Touchy +3
2x efficient -3
Warmup time +1
Ind. Era armor +9
armor mass 312kg -5
land vehicle +3
Totals .4 hexagon 577kg +19 +11

Strength: +19
Best offroad suspension: -9
Vehicle mass: +2
Total: +12 (9m/turn)
Acceleration: 1.5m/turn
Deceleration: 2m/turn

Base of 1 hexagon: -2
Industrial Era: +4
Military production: +4
Off-road vehicle: +2
Total: +8 (16KCr)

Description: Steam-powered single-person walking vehicle. Has an overall armor of 3d+2, 9 Hits, is capable of running at up to 32kph for up to 10 hours on a single tank of fuel and has room to mount up to 25kg of weaponry under the armor. Requires slightly more than one minute to warm up to full operating power from a cold start. The user can work the vehicle in normal clothes, but a padded suit (or padded liner) is recommended. This will also add an extra 0d+1 to the armor rating in most cases, giving an effective protection for the occupant of 4d+0 (though the vehicle itself remains at 3d+2).

Notes: If you apply the notes for powered armor (Stuff!, page 3.55), you'll find that as an exoskeleton, it does not have enough Strength to lift itself, so this is merely a walking vehicle rather than a true powered armor. If you do apply the exoskeleton rules, I think the vehicle gives the user a -4 to their Strength. So, if it is a form-fitted armor, the user can act normally, but at a -4 to their Strength (them steel arms is heavy!).

Adjustments: Variations on the design would be to enhance the power plant output with other modifiers, and call it a "super-science" device, which would bump the tech up to Late Industrial Era, for a bonus to performance and armor. It could also be designed from the ground up as a powered armor using the body armor and manipulator rules. And, the armor distribution might be adjusted to make it tougher on the front than the back.

Designed by Greg Porter. Visual references at:

Steampunk mech #1
Steampunk Dalek
Steampunk walker

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