Te Gauss Needle Pistol

Name: Te Gauss Needle Pistol
Uses: Any available matter
Accuracy: 5
Range: 22 (700m)
Damage: 4d
Shots Held: 400
Weight: 1kg
Cost: Not commonly for sale.

The Te Gauss Needle Pistol is a weapon once frequently given by the Te to their "Companions", the regular people who frequently end up joining the one of the postHuman demigods on one of their escapades. It resembles a common 20th century Terran handgun, although it is solid, lacking a slide or ejection port for a cartridge, and fires tiny needles via electromagnetic linear induction coils. At first glance it most resembles, in size and weight, a FNP-45. The projectiles are created through the Te's signature Energy2Matter technology, converting whatever available waste matter is to hand into the ferrous micro-darts the weapon uses as ammunition and using a tiny amount of said matter to power the guns operation. The only outward sign of the gun's origin is the symbol of the "Te Continuum" on the grip.

When first held the gun will imprint itself to its wielder, taking an initial scan of their retina and later more biometric information from exposure to them. Hence forth the gun will only fire or become active for that person, although rumour has it that the weapon can be willingly "passed on" by the imprinted user to their chosen heir. It may also be true that an imprinted weapon will revert to its default state if it is unused for a sufficiently long period, such as a decade or more.

The gun projects a targeting reticule directly onto the user's optic nerve, along with a variety of other pertinent information as long as the user has line of sight to the gun. If pointed at a member of the Te or someone carrying an imprinted pieces of their technology the reticule vanishes and the gun will not fire.

The gun can fire a three-round burst if the user mentally rotates the reticule through 45 degrees. The weapon picks up the intent through nerve impulses in and around the user's eye and responds appropriately. A practiced user can switch between single shot and burst pretty much at will.

These weapons are rare and almost never come on the market. When they do they attract the attention of those few collectors of esoterica who recognise their value. As such they invariably sell far above any rational estimates of their worth or, more often, are claimed through subterfuge and skulduggery. Indeed 'inheriting' one of these weapons could be the McGuffin of a whole series of misadventures in any era of play.

Late Advanced era +44
2.5 Millihexes: -26
Hand Held +3
Compact Ammo x2 -2 (400 shots)
Autoburst -2
Self Charging -3
Gizmos -2 (Biometric ID, IFF, Reflex Sight, Data Intergration, Heads Up Interface, Thermal Camera.)

Total Modifiers +12 (4d)

2.5 Millihexes: -15
Late Advanced era: +11
Weapon: +2
Hand Held: +4
Limited Production: +4
Gizmo's: +6
Self Charging: +1
Increased Accuracy +4: +4

Total Modifiers: +17 (350KCr)

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